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Networking Tips continued
event that doesn’t serve your goals, Schenk said. “You can really do less with more if you’re strategic,” Schenk said. Your first goal at your networking event might be to feel more comfortable when socializing, practicing your elevator pitch, or looking for business advice, she said.

Allow relationships to evolve naturally
This means holding off on asking for a job or mentorship within the first few minutes of a conversation. Some new connections need more time to develop, said Wendy Murphy, associate professor of management at Babson College — so keep the conversation going.

Follow up and be persistent
Schenk advised contacting people who left an impression on you. Follow up within a week or two, and add them on LinkedIn to reinforce a connection. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive a response, Murphy said. People get busy, and “there [are] lots of people out there that can help you,” Murphy said.

Implement what you learned
If you think your work is done after attending a networking event, you’re wrong, Schenk said. If you received some advice for your business, be sure to implement it, or it’s time wasted.