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NO .3 Resolute Technologies LLC

Resolute Technologies’ portfolio centers around information technology work for the Department of Defense and the intelligence community, including computer network exploitation and defense, software engineering and cloud computing.


“We have such a great purpose for what we do and why we do things here,” said Jennifer Walker, president and CEO of the Columbia-based company. “We are protecting the nation, keeping the people of this country safe.”


Cybersecurity is a competitive industry, so Walker knows she needs to do more than offer a fulfilling mission and the commensurate good salary and benefits.


That’s why there’s a laundry list of additional perks beyond 20 vacation days, contributions to 401(k) accounts of up to 10 percent, profit sharing bonuses, and $6,000 referral bonuses. Employees receive $5,250 every year for training and education, and an additional week of paid leave to use it.


There’s a company-wide event almost every month, which has included go-kart racing, family trips to theme parks and renting out an entire theater to watch a new “Star Wars” movie.


“It’s really surprising how many opportunities they provide for getting out of the office and having a good time,” said John Rodriguez, a senior data architect who joined Resolute in 2017. “A lot of what we do for our customers can be stressful work.”


Beyond that, Resolute matches charitable gifts, dollar for dollar. New parents have received gift cards and takeout meals. The company has a Washington Capitals ticket package. And there’s the free Amazon Prime membership, plus money toward fitness costs or personal technology purchases.


Rodriguez appreciates all that, but he’s also thankful for the work itself and the workplace culture — the opportunities that are available to them, the leadership’s openness about the company’s direction and objectives, and their receptivity to recommendations from employees.


“This is a company that really cares about its people,” he said.