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NO. 2 Hord Coplan Macht

Leah Wettstein doesn’t need to look far to see some of her recent work. She doesn’t even need to leave her building.


That’s because Hord Coplan Macht’s new office in the Inner Harbor features the “Toy Box,” a dedicated room she designed for children featuring computer games, toys and coloring books. The employees themselves are known to have meetings there on occasion, even if it means sitting in shorter chairs.


“It’s incredibly helpful. Working from home is always an option, but as a manager you tend to get more done when you’re on site,” said Wettstein, the architecture firm’s director of interiors. “When your kids are here, you don’t have to worry about them. It lets me get my work done.”


Hord Coplan Macht, a Baltimore-based architecture firm with other offices in Denver and Northern Virginia, focuses on five areas: health care, education, housing and mixed-use buildings, senior living, and landscape architecture. The firm designs projects spread throughout the country.


“What’s appealing, particularly to young folks, is the variety of projects they can work on, both in terms of the type of project and the scale,” said Lee Coplan, the firm’s CEO. “And as they find the building type they like, we allow them to focus on that and begin to specialize as they go forward.”


One of the younger employees, Melanie Ray, joined the firm straight out of college in 2015 as a project designer and is now a licensed architect. Ray said Hord Coplan Mocht supported her as she worked toward her license and continues to help her grow.


“The projects I’m doing are really exciting, in-depth projects,” Ray said. “I’m getting a lot of knowledge, and I have the ability to ask questions and make this not just a working experience, but a learning experience.”