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Destinations for animal lovers
Kids will love these creature features

By Lynn O’Rourke Hayes

For animal lovers, creatures are compelling. Here are five places where critters will keep your family’s attention:

1. Dino digs in Lakewood, Colo.
The kids can sleep well knowing Stanley is standing guard. The life-sized stegosaurus serves as the Best Western Denver Southwest’s mascot and offers a statuesque tribute to nearby Dinosaur Ridge, where the first stegosaurus discovery took place and work continues today. Hotel owners partnered with paleontologists and museums to create an authentic museumlike experience where families can observe artifacts, learn more about these ancient creatures, and get a good night’s sleep.


2. Farm vacation in Alsea, Ore.
For a trip they’ll remember till the cows come home, choose a farm vacation. Learn about raising lamb and heritage turkeys. Hang with the chickens, brush the horses, admire the peacock and ask about Paco the donkey. It’s all possible on the 64-acre Leaping Lamb Farm in Alsea, Ore. Lend a hand in the greenhouse, find your way to the orchard to pick apples, pears, plums or wander off to forage for mushrooms. Plan for