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Milking a road trip for all it's worth continued (3)
Labor Day), they can take farm tours and meet the cows.

Other cheesy spots
Hansen wants her book to help visitors to Wisconsin experience the cheese scene, whether it be touring a creamery and farm or simply enjoying a farm-to-table meal.

To that end, the book highlights what she refers to as “champions of Wisconsin cheese,” including chefs and restaurants that incorporate locally made cheese into their menus. Some of these cheese champs: former Chicago chef Heather Terhune, executive chef at Tre Rivali at the Kimpton Journeyman hotel in Milwaukee; Lake Villa native Dave Swanson, chef/owner at Braise in Milwaukee; Hunt Club Steakhouse at Geneva National Resort & Club in Lake Geneva; and Tory Miller, chef with Deja Food Restaurant Group, which includes L’Etoile, Graze, Sujeo and Estrellon in Madison.

She also spotlights shops that sell some of the state’s best artisanal cheeses: Fromagination in Madison and Wisconsin Cheese Masters in Door County.

One of her favorite parts of writing the book, Hansen says, was exploring the nooks and crannies of Wisconsin while driving by pastureland home to Wisconsin’s Amish communities, chatting with farmers and discovering art galleries.

“I really felt knit with the landscape in a way that I never had before,” she says.

She shared a common bond with the people too.

“They all love to talk about cheese,” she says.