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On the move, on a budget continued (2)
travelers for recommendations via blogs and community groups.

4. Bring your own food
Many RVs come equipped with refrigerators and cooktops, making meal prep possible on the road. Stock up on fresh produce and your favorite fixings for sandwiches for a cheaper — and healthier — alternative to eating at diners and fast-food joints.

Grocery stores can provide amenities along the way, too. “Trader Joe’s has free coffee and samples, and almost all have private, clean bathrooms,” Quinlan says.

If you want to sprinkle in a few restaurant meals, research your options. Before the trip, plan where you might eat and see if there are discounts available, Hall says.

5. Join a club
Memberships and loyalty programs offer a wide variety of perks. A one-year, $44 membership for the camping club Passport America includes a 50 percent discount per night on stays throughout its network of RV campgrounds. There may be exclusions, though, often during popular travel times such as the Independence Day and Labor Day weekends. Check availability at each location in advance.

“If a park fills up in the summer, they’re not probably going to want to offer half price when they can get full price. But in the offseason, they will gladly take half price,” Woodbury says.

Other memberships can help you save year-round. Find out about rewards-club benefits at places like gas stations, grocery stores and sporting goods stores.