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Healthy from page 16
being and reduce risk of depression.

•Improves memory and reduces your risk of dementia.

•Boosts bone strength and reduces your risk of osteoporosis.

•Prevents weight gain.

5. Exercise in your room. When Mike started having back problems, he developed an exercise routine he could do anywhere. It included squats, crunches, lunges and push-ups.

Your routine could include pushups using the seat or back of a chair (there’s always at least one in the room), supported lunges using the same chair, different types of leg lifts and reverse crunches. For this last one, lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Or, keep your legs straight and lift them to 90 degrees. Doing something in your room for 20-30 minutes is convenient as you can, afterwards, shower and dress, ready to face the day, easier than going to an exercise room.

6. Take charge of your food. Dave weighed in with this because he’d just lost 60 pounds despite long hours in the air and on the road. The others concurred. “When it comes to food, it’s not about the quick and easy,” Dave explains. “It’s about making smart choices. Choose the grilled fish, not the 18-ounce T-bone steak. Sauces are killers. They have more calories than your whole meal. And plan ahead. Instead of guessing what will be available and if you can eat it, bring something with you. More places carry fruit these days, so I keep something in my briefcase. For flights, always bring your own meals. There are very few healthy food options at airport eateries.” He got his exercise running from one concourse to the other at airports. Jan adds, “Stay away from desserts, especially in the evenings. You can’t walk off those calories after dinner, so, if you must, indulge during the day.”

All of them suggested backing off alcohol and getting a good night’s sleep. Fitness options include getting a day pass for a local gym, renting a bike to use during your stay, or downloading a fitness routine or a yoga lesson. Expert World Travel ( ), a Swiss-based site, has good information and recommendations for staying fit on the road. Nerd Fitness ( ) has exercise routines you can do anywhere – a park, on the street or in your room.

Last, try to leave gaps in your schedule. When traveling for fun, don’t cram too many activities into each day. Leave time for an afternoon break, time to recharge your batteries, especially if there’s an evening event. On the last day of the trip, remember, you’ll be in your own bed the next night. Ahhh. •