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despite verbal and physical harassment. These indignities caused feelings of fear and powerlessness and I remember her coming home in tears because of what she went through. Those in power must enforce zero tolerance for harassment.

At the Baltimore City Health Department, these policies are enforced, and inappropriate and discriminatory behaviors are never tolerated. We have annual trainings for all managers and emphasize that we are all responsible for fostering a culture of equity, diversity and respect.”

Wen, who was only 31 when she became health commissioner in 2014, gained national recognition through her policies, stating early on that this country faced an opioid crisis that needed to be addressed. The American Public Health Association awarded her its highest honor in local public health in 2016 and “Governing” magazine named Wen the Public Official of 2017. Baltimoreans are lucky to have someone in this position who understands their plights and is ready to do what is needed. What Wen has accomplished is truly impressive. •