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College Categories
As you plan for college you have many options. Listed below are the College Categories that describe the different types of institutions available to you.



These Colleges and Universities:

•receive funding primarily from student tuition and endowments. Some funding comes from governmental support in the form of tax breaks and student loans

•follow the leadership of a board of trustees

•develop own institutional plans since they operate mostly on private support

•rely on private funds, which leads to a higher average cost

•offer financial aid opportunities to reduce the total cost


These Colleges and Universities:

•receive a large part of funding from state or local taxes. Some funding comes from tuition and endowments

•follow performance standards set by the state

•Most are state-run, which lowers the tuition for in-state students

•typically categorized as two-year, four-year, research, comprehensive or community colleges

For-Profit / Proprietary

These Colleges and Universities:

•receive up to 90 percent of their revenue from federal student aid

•operate under the demands of investors and stockholders David Wright, contributing photographer

•usually offer a non-traditional format

•have come under federal scrutiny for high pressure sales/recruitment tactics A close examination of the academic, social and financial factors will lead you to a best-fit college. To read more on the differences in college categories, please visit our web site at •