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Fresh perspective

New spins on holiday traditions


When the holiday season approaches, one thing is certain: Someone will pitch a story on Symphony of Lights, and I will heave a great sigh.


I’m willing to bet the hospital fundraiser is the county’s most popular winter attraction, but it’s also — at least outwardly — mostly the same each year. After 24 years of the illuminated spectacle, what could we possibly write that wouldn’t repeat the same sentiments readers have seen time and again?


Mike Klingaman took that question as a challenge. Surely, he said, the people running the attraction all these years would have some interesting stories to share.


The result — ‘Symphony Stories’ (page 46) — was a delightful rebuttal to my Scroogian outlook. Who would have thought that Symphony of Lights was the scene of a car fire, a baby’s birth and an incident involving rogue reindeer? Those anecdotes and more make the attraction shine a little brighter in my mind.


In the same vein, John-John Williams IV set out to give readers a new perspective on holiday traditions by exploring how differently local families approach the season. On page 52, he offers a glimpse of the diverse religious and cultural celebrations within Howard County’s borders.


But at their core, the holidays are about taking comfort in the familiar, and we haven’t neglect the other annual events that bring joy to so many. Be sure to check out ‘Save the Date’ on page 20 for details on traditions like ‘The Nutcracker’ on Ice and Ellicott City’s Midnight Madness.


Rachel Cieri Mull