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Symphony Stories (2)

Patrick and Carol Bianchini will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their engagement during the Symphony of Lights this holiday season. They now have two daughters, 13-year-old Julia, left, and 16-year-old Rebecca.


By Mike Klingaman Howard Magazine


For 24 years, the shimmering rows of Santas, skaters and snowflakes have drawn wondrous stares and triggered untold videos by the more than 2.5 million passersby at the Symphony of Lights, a mile-long array of glittering Yuletide bliss.


Though it has grown into one of the county’s most anticipated holiday events, there have been hiccups along the way. One year, a woman gave birth during a drive-through. Another time, three runaway reindeer — live, not lit-up — crashed through several displays.  Then there was the car that caught fire and burned on the course.


On a more heartfelt note, perhaps a half-dozen twosomes have gotten engaged here — spurred, no doubt, by the fetching “kissing couple” attraction.


Here, we round up a handful of event’s more memorable moments.


Where a marriage was made


The sign is tucked away in their garage, a turquoise-and- white keepsake of the night 20 years ago that brought the Bianchinis together. It reads: Carol, will you marry me? Pat That’s the message Carol Schuhart saw as she and