Howard Magazine - Page 6 - Editors Note: The other Rach(a)el Mull

Howard Magazine
- Page 6
Editors Note: The other Rach(a)el Mull

Thanks to my job, I’ve known for a few years that I’m not the only Rachel Mull in the area. Back when my husband was just my boyfriend — and I was just Rachel Cieri — I spoke to Rachael Mull on the phone to arrange a photo shoot at Victoria Gastro Pub. The conversation was brief and unremarkable, primarily focused on dates and times; the coincidence barely registered.


A few years later, married and with a new last name, I was searching for a prominent Howard County resident whose home could be featured in this magazine. One real estate agent suggested Randy Marriner, CEO of the Victoria Restaurant Group, and he called me to politely decline. But before he addressed the matter at hand, he had a question for me: “Is this really Rachel Mull?”


The other Rachael Mull — note the second “a” in her first name — is Marriner’s daughter and the chief financial officer for the restaurant group. She and her family, who own and operate three Howard County restaurants and a brewery, are some of the most powerful players on the local food scene – and they’re featured in this issue (page 42).


One of their restaurants also earned top voted in the Best Restaurants readers’ poll, the results of which start on page 26. Readers say Victoria Gastro Pub serves the county’s best burger.


It’s been a while since I’ve dined there, so I’ll go back to try it. And when I call for a reservation, I’ll remember to specify: I’m the other Rachel Mull.


Rachel Cieri Mull