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Scoop and Paddle

Owned by sisters-in-law Renee and Nadine Crisitello, Scoop and Paddle resides in an adjacent booth, crafting nine signature ice cream flavors on the premises.


Nadine, who trained as a chef in New York City, says the ice cream company started out with a food truck five years ago and sells its products at small markets and restaurants in Columbia and Ellicott City.


Their new workplace is located about a mile from the Crisitellos’ homes, and the women share the Stones’ vision of a community gathering place.


“This is our home,” Renee says. “It’s Clarksville’s own Main Street, USA.” In addition to ice cream products, pastries, nitro coffee and root beer, Scoop and Paddle will create and serve Indian ice cream and desserts during the first two weeks in November to commemorate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights on Nov. 7 in collaboration with fellow common kitchen vendor Namaste Foodie.


The partners are also working on collaborations with Koshary and Kupcakes & Co.


“One of the advantages of being small and nimble is that we can create flavors quickly and bring [the product] to market quickly,” says Nadine.


Nadine Crisitello, owner of Scoop & Paddle ice
cream company, with a Bottom’s Up Sundae