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All about balance (2)

ing and exercising,” says Nikki Highsmith Vernick, president and CEO of the Horizon Foundation. “We’re thrilled to be able to help and to see them bringing these new skills and recipes home to their families.”


Kenyatta’s dad, Kenneth Jennings, says he’s seen a major difference in his daughter’s eating habits.


“If I have some Little Debbies on the fridge and bananas on the door, I see her grab the banana first,” Jennings says. “She’ll try to make a balance in her eating habits. She eats a lot more fruit and even asks for more vegetables at dinner.”


And after her lessons from the Taste and Move program on how to read nutrition labels, Kenyatta is now even helping at the grocery store.


“She’ll read the labels and help to decide what’s healthy and what we should be eating at home,” Jennings says.