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School’s closed? (2)
If your kids want to explore their artistic side, try Columbia Art Center’s School’s Out programs!

Columbia Art Center offers two programs for kids to explore their artistic sides — whether by themselves or with a parent.

School’s Out: Art Expedition is for children ages 6 through 14, who embark on a design exploration where everyone is an artist and everything is art. Kids create and experiment while earning achievements for demonstrating skills and techniques in a variety of mediums. After each quest, a design challenge is issued by a visiting artist in the second half of the day. Pizza lunch is included for full-day and morning half-day participants.

Full-day programs run from 7:30am-5:30pm and are $55 per child per day. Half-day programs run from 8:30am-1pm or 1-5:30pm and are $30 per child per day. Registration is open until the day before each class.

Classes this fall are variations on the theme of Eco-Friendly Upcycle Art:

•Friday, October 19 — Paper Costuming: Develop and Construct Headpieces

•Tuesday, November 6 — Container Vehicle: Imagine Future Travel

•Wednesday, November 7 — Found Object Futurescapes: Creating Eclectic Hybrid Environments

If your kids like to be active and play games, try KidSpace Adventure Day!

When schools are out, students in kindergarten through sixth grade can visit KidSpace for a fun-filled day of games, arts and crafts, swimming, skating, and much more — a pizza lunch is also included. The full-day program (7am-6pm) is $55 per child; the half-day program (9am-1pm) is $30 per child.

KidSpace Adventure Day is available on:

•Friday, October 19

•Tuesday-Wednesday, November 6-7

•Wednesday, November 21

•Friday, November 23

•Monday, December 24

•Wednesday-Friday, December 26-28

•Monday, December 31

Registration is available at any KidSpace location; call Columbia Gym at 410-531-8984 or Supreme Sports Club at 410-381-7559. (Columbia Athletic Club is closed until late fall — school’s out programs should resume once the club reopens.)

If your kids need more time in the pool, try SplashDown Snack-nSlide!

SplashDown is normally open from 1:30-6pm on Saturdays, and from noon-5pm on Sundays, but SnacknSlide is SplashDown with a twist. Admission at these special events goes beyond unlimited rides on both waterslides, adding chips, a small drink and an ice cream of your choice!

The price for CA Fit&Play, Play, 5Day Golf&Play, and Golf Fit&Play members is $3 per person; other CA members are $8 per person; Columbia Cardholders are $13 per person; and non-members are $18 per person.

Snack-n-Slide is offered from noon4pm on the following dates:

•Friday, November 23

•Thursday, December 27

•Friday, December 28

•Monday, January 21

•Monday, February 18

•Monday, April 22

For more information or to register, visit