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Mother Agent (4)
says. “The gigs I do for Gigi, I won’t always do for someone else.”

He calls Soto “his close sister from another mother,” adding to her already lengthy list of quasi-family.

Sometimes, the agency’s talents form close bonds with one another, too.

Kevin Tan recently finished a Fannie Mae print shoot with Marili Kateri Mejias, 34, a Cima talent who refers to him as “her brother” and predicts that Tan will be the next big Asian film star.

Mejias has also appeared in numerous films, on Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted” and on “Fatal Attractions” on the Animal Planet network.

Soto scouted Mejias at the 2000 Best of Baltimore at Camden Yards where she was a choreographer performing as a back-up dancer.

“I like to call Gigi my aunt,” Mejias says. “We have a lot of trust in Gigi, not only professionally, but personally as well.”

After loving living in Howard County for almost two decades (her daughter, Tatiana, graduated from Howard High School), Soto recently moved to North Carolina and says she looks forward to managing Cima, now based in Columbia, from home.

“I’m a protector of talent, and I keep it real,” Soto says.