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Mother Agent (2)
Motivated by a simple desire to help others “get into the business the right way,” she grew Cima into a fullservice agency, moving the studio to Ellicott City in 2012 and interviewing prospective talent by invitation only.

She stayed out of the limelight because, for her, “it’s all about the work”; glamour is not her reality.

But she says people will likely recognize Cima talent in posters at BWI Airport, or in ad campaigns for Black and Decker, Live Casino and Hotel, Fannie Mae, American Express, Center Stage and many others.

“I have to find the face that is not only beautiful but has the right personality and attitude,” she says.

“If there’s a movie being done, or a TV show or a commercial or ad, that production or casting company will pick up the phone and call me and I’ll find the talent they need.”

Soto does her own scouting, takes on only a few new talents each season and grooms her models to understand finances, “what beauty is” and exactly how to present themselves as professionals.

“They’re in my college,” she says. “I have the most loyal models and I keep them working.”

Deya Dresner was a full-time fashion show producer in the D.C. area when she began working with Soto about