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Helping Hands (2)
Brown helped Pyon and her husband, Brandon Weber, 24, move their June 9 wedding to The Winslow, an industrial-style venue in South Baltimore similar to the Main Street Ballroom. in hopes of matching the style at the Main Street Ballroom. Brown was able to negotiate $1,000 off the venue price, Pyon said. (Ansari, meanwhile, offered full refunds to couples with weddings booked through July, totaling $60,000 in reimbursements.)

“She went above and beyond. … She really acted as sort of a wedding planner and coordinator and did more than we asked her to do in a good way,” says Pyon, adding that Brown stayed for their entire wedding, helping set up and keep everything organized. The event went off so smoothly that most people were surprised that plans had changed at all, she said.

Julia Tolson Harris, 23, echoes that gratitude for Brown’s help. Harris, who recently moved from Laurel to New York, was able to move her June 16 wedding reception to a tent at her church with Brown’s assistance.

“I have never felt so much joy and peace about something that should be so tragic,” Harris says. “Kati was definitely like an angel to me. … She helped with every responsibility that was not filled or needed,” including assisting with the rehearsal.

“My wedding was far better than I could have imagined. … Reality was better than the dream,” Harris says.

For Brown, meeting the couples and helping them with their weddings was a rewarding experience.

“Anytime that you get to be involved in somebody’s wedding day, it’s a great day,” she says. “Were there little challenges? Of course there [were]. There always are with weddings, but the days went off beautifully. I’m really proud to have been a part of it.”