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Small Wonders (4)
cue at one of the community events or pet stores they attend each weekend. “They never considered a rabbit because they didn’t think rabbits had personalities or they didn’t think rabbits could be litter box trained,” she said. “It’s really fun when people learn they are more than just a statue.”

Despite not planning on leaving with a rabbit that day, by the end of the Friends of Rabbits adoption event, Sophia was armed with a carrier for Willow. She’d secretly brought money with her and bought supplies Willow would need from the rescue.

“At this point, it’s just another drive here in five days,” Griffin, who lives in Tacoma Park, said before adding with a shrug, “It’s happening.”

With Willow loaded up in a carrier in one hand, and a red bag from Friends of Rabbits with a manual on rabbit care draped over her shoulder, Sophia made her way to the front door and called out to Deckert, the organization’s executive director, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” Deckert answered. “Congratulations.”