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Small Wonders
Animal adoptions are on the rise — and not just for dogs and cats

By Laura Jane Willoughby

For Howard Magazine

As more than 30 people mill around the main room of the nonprofi t rescue Friends of Rabbits’ open house, 13-year old Sophia Houston and her brother, 11-year-old Levi, are oblivious to the noise and activity. They sit inside a metal playpen on the fl oor of the Columbia home, playing with and petting Willow Leaf, one of the more than 40 rabbits up for adoption at the event.

Sophia’s mother, Jamie Griffi n, hadn’t planned on adding another pet, but fi ve days earlier Sophia had presented the family with a well researched report on how she would care and provide for the new addition to the household.
With a tentative go-ahead from her parents, Sophia started searching for a rescue organization and found the open house for Friends of Rabbits, whose stable of adoptable animals can often number more than 100.

“A lot of time rabbits are traffi cked near Easter time,” Sophia says. “A lot of people think that rabbits are no work, they just give them some carrots and pellets and then throw them out in the yard. And they’re abused a lot.” She’d always planned on adopting rather than buying.