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Free fitness (2)
of the gym. They also found another business opportunity by offering a low fee for personal trainers to use the gym space to train their own clients.

The co-owners are trying to make the space fun and accessible to all with different kinds of features.

In addition to their regular evening hours, they offer “hours on demand” where those wishing to work out at a time the gym isn’t open can simply go online and request to “open the gym” at a time convenient for them. They also have events like “dog day,” where those working out in the gym on Sundays can bring their dogs in during designated times.

“When I first heard of it, I thought there ain’t nothing in the world that’s really truly free,” said Kendra Tyson, 39, of Columbia. “But they actually mean it. I donate when I can but sometimes I can’t afford it and they still treat me like family even if I can’t put money in the box.”

Getting married and moving kept Jalisa Ray, 27, of Columbia, from being able to afford a steady gym membership. So when she heard about a new free gym, she was all in.

“I had never heard of a free gym in my life,” Ray said. “It’s incredible and refreshing to see how much Michelle cares about helping people get healthy. That’s her entire focus.”