Howard Magazine - Page 12 - If you could have any pet, what would it be?

Howard Magazine
- Page 12
If you could have any pet, what would it be?
By Patti Restivo For Howard Magazine

Milton Matthews

Columbia Association president/CEO

If he had to choose a new pet today, Milton Matthews says “it would have to be a cat.” Cats are his wife’s passion; he and Barbara Burns Matthews have always lived with at least one during the 20 years they’ve been married. Their resident feline — a tortoiseshell named Casey — enjoys being spoiled by Barb, who carries the 16-year-old up and down the staircase in their home. Matthews describes himself as the “provider of tough love. I’ve grown to love and like having cats around,” he says. “I’d choose a cat even if I was on my own.”

Lee Andersen

ManneqArt founder

Art clothing designer Lee Andersen says her pet would be a “llama doodle” named Lollipop. At 18 inches tall, Lollipop would be as smart as a poodle and cuddly, “like a dog mixed with a llama. I could spin the fleece of the llama into fiber and knit with it,” she says. “And it would have to have a furry chest and tummy like my husband.” She’d dye the pompom on Lollipop’s head pink, its body lilac and a fluffy tail blue in a nice blending of the color wheel. And she’d make Lollipop little outfits.

Mickey Day

Howard County Fair president

H. Mitchell “Mickey” Day says he can’t imagine a better pet than the one he has now. “I’d have my dog because she is companion-friendly and assists on the farm,” he says. “Our dog, Lady, is a friend to all.” A loyal 6-yearold working border collie in her prime, Lady weighs in at 70 pounds and is maternal to the 20 cows and more than a dozen calves and yearlings she herds. And Day says she loves to greet him when he comes home. “The farm wouldn’t be the same without her,” he says.