Howard Magazine - Page 11 - Columbia’s ‘bike guy’ (2)

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Columbia’s ‘bike guy’ (2)
him a lot,” Shahida Khan says.

What started as a hobby helped “save [his] life more than 50 percent; it took off and I did not look back,” Khan says.

Always determined to “give back,” Khan adopted Broken Land Parkway and uses the Stevens Forest Exxon as a waystation.

He is proud of the Columbia Bike Guy Facebook page followed by more than 4,800 fans — where his mother posts links to media stories and videos about him.

Khan hopes someone will name a highway after him.

He dreams big about becoming a suicide counselor or a “clean” standup comedian like David Ferrell and Brian Regan. Sometimes, Khan does pantomimes and walks funny, he says, because “it’s fun” to practice comedy routines.

In 2011 — about the time he traded wearing his signature Mohawk hat for a bike helmet — Khan wrote to Guinness World Records about setting a new record for days cycled in a row and mileage.

In his mid 40s, Khan has missed some days biking due to illness and an injury (his days-in-a-row tally stops in July 2016) and he’s started taking a single medication.

But his mileage continues to mount as he sends “alohas” and wishes for “peace” to his friends along Broken Land Parkway and in Columbia.