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Dogs Allowed continued (2)
who, in sniffing out a bit of popcorn, has wrapped his leash around his owner’s feet.

Stearns and his wife, who live in Owings Mills, adopted Stanley from a breeder after a two-year wait.

“More and more, we live in a dog culture,” Jeanine Stearns says.

The Wine Bin’s owner sensed as much when he started Yappy Hour 10 years ago.

“People try the wine, listen to music and socialize with their dogs,” says proprietor Dave Carney of Catonsville. Each event is a fundraiser for a pet charity.

“It’s a win-win,” says Carney,who also allows pooches inside the store. There, a customer kneels in a wine aisle, discussing his choices with his leashed buddy; nearby, another dog lies contentedly, legs splayed on the cool floor.

Outside, the band, a local group called Mandy & Otis, breaks into a honky-tonk version of “Ain’t Misbehavin’.” Two Great Danes take the tune to heart. Mike and Bodie, 100 pounds each, sit quietly on either side of their owner, like giant bookends, as David Earle chats with passers-by.

“They’re just like kids. You have to socialize them and put in your hours, and this is a great place to do it,” says Earle, of Columbia.

“Business owners now realize that people are mental about their dogs, and spend as much money on them as on kids — so why not let them into restaurants and bars?”