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Packing a Punch
By Pete Pichaske
For Howard Magazine

Kids learn boxing—and life—skills at Columbia gym

On most Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, you can find 10-year-old Joshua Anderson in a gym in Columbia, punching a heavy boxing bag that’s at least half again as tall is he is and nearly twice as heavy.

That 150-pound bag was jolted back with every punch the fourth-grader threw on a recent Tuesday. And he threw plenty— quick, hard punches in crisp combinations.

Joshua is one of about a dozen children, ages 7 to 12, who take boxing classes at Elite Boxing and Fitness on Red Branch Road.

The gym opened six years ago and began offering the children’s classes a year or two later. The one-hour classes are held two days a week, year-round, and students sign up for a month at a time.

“It’s been very popular,” said gym owner Kwame Ritter, who also teaches the kids’ classes. “The kids really enjoy