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Character driven continued
discounted price. Pieces normally cost an average of $19 to $22 but for story time, the experience and the piece of pottery costs $17.

Emily Shah, who lives in Frederick County, travels back to Howard County where her family used to live for the story time because she says her two girls, Nina Shah, 8, and Sara Shah, 4, enjoy the atmosphere and creative outlet.

“We like it so much that we still travel this way once a month when we can and they have a little collection going now,” Shah said. “It’s personable and the girls love pointing out and looking at what they created.”

Her daughter Nina spent time picking out her colors and finding the perfect shades for her idea of what the unicorn should look like.

“It’s fun because the story gives you ideas to help you with what you’re going to be painting,” Nina said. “It’s fun to create your own version.”

After some coating and a trip in the oven, the pieces are available for pickup in one week. Supple says it’s always fun to watch the faces of the children when they come with their parents to pick up their finished pieces.

“It’s a great experience for kids to do with their grown-ups,” Supple said. “It’s an easy and accessible way for them to tap into their creativity.”

Because the story times are in the mornings, Lainie Gray, studio lead at The Pottery Stop, says it offers children and their parents an experience with less distractions.

“It’s a quiet time where they can be focused on their project and have a little guidance. It’s a quiet and focused space to create,” Gray said.