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Taking Flight (3)

of the property.”


What his company shoots, he said, depends on what the agent or the homeowner is trying to demonstrate. “If they want to show that this is waterfront property, on a lake or whatever, that’s hard to show effectively with plain old ground photos.”


Amanda Koehler, who operates Charm City Virtual Tours, an Ellicott City company that specializes in architectural, commercial and real estate photography, has been using drone technology to help agents and homeowners sell property since 2016. Business, she said, has grown steadily.


“It seems sellers really like having aerial photos taken of their property,” she says. “It has that ‘wow’ factor.”


Increasingly, Koehler said, buyers like it as well. “It gives them an overview of the property, and the neighborhood, the proximity of schools, that sort of thing. I think it’s just going to continue to grow.”


Koehler said that while drone photography will show those homes in a good light, it can be the opposite for other types of homes. Images of a run-down neighborhood or a dilapidated neighboring house with a messy yard can scare off would-be buyers.


For those very reasons, drones are increasingly used to supplement home inspections, according to Eagle Eye’s Kivioja. “They can reveal things like stains on the roof, things you can’t see from the ground,” he explained.


Drones and real estate are now considered a match made in home-selling heaven.


“Drones can do a lot of great things, for different kinds of videos, movies, maybe TV shows with car chases,” says the Lucido Team’s Buesing. “But what they’re really suited for is real estate.…It just gives a whole new look to a home, any home.


“We’re seeing drones everywhere,” he adds, “and I think we’re only going to see more of them.”