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Taking Flight

Drone photography is changing the way local homes are sold


by Pete PichasKe For Howard Magazine
Photos by Karl M. Ferron


Howard County homeowners and real estate agents have embraced a relatively new, increasingly valuable high-tech tool for selling homes: Drones.


Drone photography and videography, featuring aerial shots of sprawling estates, picturesque views of expansive, well-landscaped yards and pleasant images of inviting, tidy neighborhoods, are all the rage these days.


Several drone companies offer their services here, and some of the larger real estate companies supply drone photography and videography in-house.


Patrick Buesing, an agent and videographer for the Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity in Ellicott City, says Howard County is ideal for using drones – remote-controlled cameras akin to miniature helicopters – to sell homes.


“It’s a beautiful place to live,” says Buesing, who lives in Columbia, noting the county’s many well-laid-out neighborhoods, rolling countryside and multitude of parks. “And with our aerial [photography], we can really showcase that beauty.”