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Magic in the Making - Continued from Page 43

ment director for FantasyWood, is pulling on her connections and expertise to manage the performance line-up, which will include stilt walkers, Hula Hoop performers and the Florida-based Spark, “one of the best fairies in the country,” Alba said.


“It’s unlike any other Maryland-based festival because it’s running this hybrid between Renaissance-style fair performers and fantasy festival fair performers and high-end corporate level performers,” says Alba, a former circus performer. “This is something the state of Maryland has never seen in its own backyard before.”


While Andersen, Hawk and Alba are managing the entertainment, activities and refreshments, the Inner Arbor Trust is providing logistics and hosting the event. “Lee came to us with this idea where she wanted to take …this idea of a fantasy festival and place it in the woods,” says Nina Basu, President and CEO of Inner Arbor Trust. “It’s a really cool, different type of experience that I don’t think we see in Howard County -- or actually anywhere in this region.”


Other expectations, like Hawk’s, are more basic. “I just want a fun, magical experience,” she says. “There’s a magic these kinds of events have, and I think families being able to share that together and maybe families that normally wouldn’t have gone to an event like this, just getting to experience an event like this is really different. And for children, being able to see a mermaid.”