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Magic in the Making - Continued from Page 40

tank stands waiting: come festival time, it will feature the Circus Siren Pod mermaid troupe performing their underwater aerobics shows.


The festival is a partnership between ManneqArt, Andersen’s annual wearable art contest; Circus Siren Pod; and Inner Arbor Trust, which manages Merriweather Park. Organizers expect 6,000 to 10,000 people to visit over the three days, with more than 50 volunteers, most in costume, making the event come alive.


The build-out of the attractions started in March. On this day, the hot rod has arrived for a photoshoot with 14-year-old model Lillian Cisna, who is posing for three projects: for her portfolio, for FantasyWood, and for the launch of an upcycled clothing line by a student of Andersen’s.


“We never do one thing at a time,” Andersen says before she rushes off to check on the set up. “While we’ve got the hot rod, we might as well shoot the jeans with the hot rod. I multitask. You could underline that.”


Andersen’s former employee Becky Hawk says the festival is her “brain baby” – the idea blossomed out of her search for a way to replace a popular fairy festival in Pennsylvania that had ceased operations. As Hawk, who now works for Inner Arbor Trust, brainstormed with Andersen and Morgana Alba, founder of Circus Siren Pod, the idea expanded.


A short-list of the festival’s offerings will include unicorns, ogres, a witches’ cauldron, a 20-foot crashed alien spaceship, goblin games and a castle with performances by a puppet troop. Among the themed food and drink offerings will be the Sand-Witches’ Kitchen, the Wrecked Pirate Bar, a Bloody Mary Vam