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Dancing, baby - Continued from Page 18

“I’m always looking for ways to expand the offerings that we’re doing here and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity,” said Titia Dunn, owner of The Swellness Center (and of no relation to Katie Dunn).


The 45-minute class is offered in eight-week sessions for children ages 4 and under that focus on promoting cognitive, social, fine and gross motor skill as well as emotional development.


“The class helps to create a bonding experience between the child and their caretaker. It’s really fun for everyone. And it’s a learning experience as well. A lot of the music is bilingual, which helps to introduce Spanish words at a young age,” Titia said.


In addition to dancing and singing, the class includes instruments and teaches musicality and creative movement.


“We have wooden sticks that you bang, scarves to dance with, straps with bells and bongos,” Titia said.


The class is held on Thursdays at 4:45 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the Swellness Center in Columbia. Titia said she hopes to expand the class to other locations and times in the near future.


“The music is so catchy that the adults will start singing it, and it’s like fitness in disguise because both the adults and the children are getting a little bit of a workout,” she said.


The cost for an eight-week session is $190 for caretaker and child and $50 per sibling. It includes unlimited open playtime at The Swellness Center for the length of the session.


Payment for the session also includes a “Zumbini” bundle that comes with a storybook, a bongo, a CD of the music and a plush character that is the star of the story that is followed throughout the session.


Each session follows a new story and character that Titia said helps to keep children and parents interested.


“It was constant fun,” Katie said. “My daughter went from being cranky after just waking up from a nap to wanting more. It was so neat to see her find comfort in being creative.”


Zumbini at The Swellness Center
8940 Maryland 108, Columbia