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Quick Takes By Patti Restivo for Howard Magazine

What’s the best part of spring in Howard County?


Bessie Bordenave -  Harriet Tubman Foundation president


Bessie Bordenave loves getting up early on Saturday mornings in fair weather to explore yard sales in search of little treasures. She enjoys shedding her winter clothing and the way the change in season pleases her senses.


“When I think of spring in Howard County, I think of waking up in the morning to hear the birds chirping; I don’t know what music they’re making, but it sounds really good to my ears,” she says.


Shawn Gladden -  Howard County Historical society executive director


“I am a big-time baseball guy, and baseball is the best thing about spring in Howard County—and everywhere for me,” Shawn Gladden says.


Gladden coached the Raiders, a Howard County Youth Program travel team, when his now-16-year-old son, Grant, played in elementary school. He still loves to see the fields open. Cheering for Grant’s high school games as he watches young athletes that he coached is a source of pride. And, he says, hearing the “ting” of the ball on metal bats and enjoying the “hopefully wonderful weather” with their families in the stands is a “great way to spend a spring day.”


Faith Wachter - Business Women’s Network of Howard county president


“I love strolling down Main Street in old Ellicott City in the spring,” says Faith Wachter.


She also loves hiking with her family at Patapsco State Park, dining alfresco at local restaurants with her husband, attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and farmers markets, and especially shopping and networking at Scholarship with a Twist—a spring Business Women’s Network event at Savage Mill that raises funds for the organization’s scholarship foundation.