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Diversity By The Numbers (8)

bine was rejected by the county Board of Appeals in March 2017.)


Chinese movement into the U.S. and Howard is also a more recent development, said Chao Wu, one of the county’s newly elected school board members. This is because diplomatic relations between the U.S. and mainland China were not fully established until 1980, he said.


As of the 2013-2017 period, there are nearly 10,000 residents of Chinese origin in Howard (3.2 percent of the total population, 18.4 percent of the Asian population). That’s more than double the number recorded by the Census at the start of the millennium.


The Howard County Chinese School, which offers Chinese language classes to around 1,700 registered students, has also seen significant growth over the years. When the school first opened in 1998, there were only around 80 students, said Jia Bei Wang, its principal.


But it’s not all about learning Chinese, said Wang, who helps the school organize events like the annual Chinese New Year celebration and days where businesses and insurance companies can offer their services to the Chinese community.


“It’s like a Chinese civic center,” she said.