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Diversity By The Numbers (7)

project manager for the federal government, attributes the more recent growth in the county’s Indian population to the post-2000 tech boom and notes the large number of Indian immigrants with H1-B visas, for skilled workers. Howard is a choice location for government contractors, for instance, because of its proximity to D.C., he said, as well as for its school systems.


Ponnuri, who has lived in Ellicott City since 1996, is also president of the Indian Origin Network of Howard County, which hosted a Diwali celebration that attracted thousands last October to commemorate the Hindu Festival of Lights.


Raj Kathuria, a local real estate agent who ran for County Council, hopes to see religious needs of the community better served. For example, he said, many Indians practice Hinduism, and Howard, which is home to a number of houses of worship, does not have a Hindu temple. (A proposal to build a temple in Wood-


Photo: Srinivas Nagaruru samples the homemade delicacies at the Mt. Hebron High School Diwali celebration.


Photo by amy Davis