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Editor's Note

For yoga lovers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        And the haters, too


I’ll admit it — I love yoga stories. I get a little thrill whenever a local yoga studio announces a new twist on the ancient Indian practice. Yoga on a rooftop with a live band? Been there. Yoga with kittens? Done that and loved it.


They also make great fitness features, some of which you might have read in this magazine: Remember the stories on yoga trapeze, yoga in a pool and even yoga for people with dementia?


It should come as no surprise that yoga is back in our Health & Wellness issue. This time, we explore why members of the military and veterans are turning to the practice on page 26.


With the Fort Meade Army base just over the border, Howard County is home to plenty of them — more than 20,000 according to the county’s Office of Veterans and Military Families. Because of their physically, mentally and emotionally demanding careers, many soldiers say they benefit from the calming, full-body effects of the practice. There’s even an Elkridge woman who teaches them for free.


But I realize yoga is not for everyone. (After all, as much as I relish the way I feel after a class, I’ll admit it’s not exactly fun to hold the same awkward position for minutes at a time.)


Also in this issue, we ask notable Howard County residents (OK, so one of them is a yoga studio owner) about the health crazes they’re dying to try (page 10), and talk to people trying to spread the word about flotation therapy, one of the area’s newest wellness offerings (page 14). On the fitness front, we find out why you’re likely to see more people over 65 in the gym (page 40), and we drop in on an often overlooked sport with fierce competitors right in our backyard (page 34).


Rachel Cieri Mull