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Find your TRIBE!

CA’s new Tribe programs offer team-based fitness to increase your results


By Tripp Laino


It’s no secret that working out with friends or partners will increase your results — one study in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that those who performed planks with a stronger partner increased their time by 24%!


But it sometimes can be a challenge to find the right friend or partner to join you. And that’s where Tribe, Columbia Association’s newest fitness program — launching this month at Columbia Athletic Club and Supreme Sports Club — comes in. Your teammates can push you to succeed. It’s something even CA’s trainers experienced when getting certified to teach the program.


“What sets Tribe apart is the camaraderie of working together — you're pushing each other,” said Tribe Head Coach Donnell Glover. “Even going through training, there were times that I felt like, ‘I can't give anymore; this is it,’ but then you see someone else pushing through, and you do, too. It pushes you places you weren't sure you could go on your own.”


Tribe at CA features three programs: TribeFIT™, TribeCORE™ and TribeLIFE™. Each has a different focus, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. And you can join up with your friends or easily make new friends — so you can find your Tribe.


“You’re working as a team first and foremost, helping each other and encouraging each other. But you have individual goals as well,” Guerin said.


TribeFIT is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) designed to help you move and perform like an athlete, helping give you a leaner, stronger body. It was created for those who like a challenge, using a combination of strength, power and conditioning exercises along with mobility training.


TribeCORE is designed to help you get a strong and stable core, and to give you freedom and confidence in all aspects of your day-to-day movement. It incorporates flexibility and stability training with a focus on the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back and abs. Whether you want to improve performance in a particular sport, assist your recovery from an injury, help prevent an injury from occurring in the first place, or just focus on the movements we perform in everyday life — TribeCORE is for you.


TribeLIFE is a low-impact, functional exercise workout with all of the exercises that you need to be fit for life. It combines full-body aerobic movements, exercises based on realworld movement, and core and mobility exercises. You’ll avoid strain on your joints while still maintaining the intensity needed to reach your desired results.


Tribe classes enroll in six-week sessions, called seasons, which allow members to track their progress and try to reach their individual goals in short sessions. When you begin a season, trainers will guide you through exercises to determine your base performance level, then will check them again after the season to mark your progress.


Before each new season, Tribe will feature a one-week trial. That way, CA members can test drive the three programs and find the right fit for them.


“The best part of it is because the classes are limited to 10 people, we as coaches have more interaction with our team and can make sure everyone is moving safely and effectively,” said fellow Tribe Head Coach Andy Guerin. “Tribe is the sweet spot between the fun of working out as a group in a progress-based season with the personal attention and guidance you’d get with a personal trainer.”


“There’s been nothing like this at CA until now,” Glover said. “We have members that like this approach to exercise and have been asking for it — I think they’re going to love it.”


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