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Pearls for Pups

Nonprofit jewelry maker


Sisters Jenna and Paige McMakin and their mom, Bekki, are saving shelter dogs, one pair of pearl earrings at a time.


Two years ago, the Howard County natives launched Pearls for Pups – a nonprofit that sells handmade earrings (for humans) and donates all proceeds to pet rescues, shelters and adoption centers.


Inspired by Chapel, Jenna McMakin’s rescued basset hound, golden retriever and Doberman Pinscher mix, the family creates and sells pieces with names like “The Black Labrador” and “The Husky” for $20 to $25 each. They’ve donated $50,000 so far.


“The need is so incredible,” Jenna McMakin says. “I can’t even put into words how many dogs we see that need homes. … Anything we can do to enable a rescue and save more lives, we’re happy to do it.”


— Allison Eatough