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Personal Effects (2)
wallpaper stretches across breakfast nook’s walls, and the kitchen tiling evokes the style of Scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

It reminded Marciari-Alexander of the house her parents owned in California when she and John met.

“It felt like it was part of our family’s world,” she says.

The home’s stone exterior adds to its coziness. The rooms inside, like the house’s owner, exude warmth and elegance.

Guests step through an oversized front door into an octagonal foyer, where they may be greeted by the family’s three cats: Smitten, Lovey and Dovey. A wide set of stairs facing the doorway heads to a second-floor landing, central to the bedrooms.

Family pictures line the stairway walls, and a collage of photos hangs at the top of the stairs.

On the main floor, the dining room sits to the left of the foyer, with a breakfast nook with built-in booth seating and a kitchen behind it. To the right of the entryway, a living room chock full of books precedes a sun room overlooking a patio and backyard. The living room is also home to a heated terrarium for Pancake, the family’s bearded dragon.

A third floor, the finished attic, serves as office space. Originally, that’s where Marciari-Alexander imagined spending fam-