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Curated and Colorful (5)
The powder room just off the kitchen is Franzoni’s favorite.

“We worked on it the most,” he says.

He had the red and white Baltimorethemed wallpaper custom-made by New York-based Flavor Paper.

“I learned about it after reading a story about Mike Diamond [of the Beastie Boys],” Franzoni explains as he points to the various landmarks that make up the print — Fort McHenry, the National Aquarium, Domino Sugar. Franzoni found Cambridge-based artist Michael Rosato to design the images. “He had a Brooklyn Toile wallpaper. I contacted the company and got a Baltimore Toile made.”

Another cool feature of the room is its door, originally on the home’s vestibule, which contains smart glass panels that turn from clear to opaque, providing instant privacy with the flip of a switch. The couple got the idea after observing a similar concept at one of Emeril Legasse’s restaurants in New Orleans.

The master bedroom— one of three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms in the home— has a subtle nautical theme. Deep navy walls, rich wood accent furniture and an oversized circular mirror create the feel of a captain’s quarters on a ship. La Fleur Bouquets’ roses in a brilliant shade of red-orange add the refined sophistication of a French chateau or English country home. (The genetically engineered flowers last two years.)

Even the home’s smell has been carefully curated. The two fell in love with the scent of white tea magnolia at Westin Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and bought a system that sprays the scent through their air vents.

“I would say this is our dream home for this point in our lives since we oversaw the entire renovation and we were able to design every detail,” Franzoni says. “Who knows what’s next?”