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Curated and Colorful (4)
Maryland’s first lady Yumi Hogan hangs in a guest bedroom. The two won the piece a few years ago at a Maryland Federation of Art fundraiser.

Other decor pieces are just as eclectic.

Take the two electric teal domed chairs in the living room from POLaRT Designs, a Houston-based home furnishing company known for its contemporary silhouettes and flashy colors. Or the sleek shark-shaped wine holder in the kitchen that now serves as a planter.

The walls of the grey-and-white kitchen are peppered with framed photographs of food from an Instagram account Franzoni follows,@whatimholding. (His own food-focused account, @eatmorebaltimore, has more than 33,900 followers.)

Various colorful kitchen accessories— a fire engine red KitchenAid mixer, a lime-green Dutch oven and a navy pot, both Le Creuset, rest on the white marble countertop and stainless steel cooking range.