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Curated and Colorful (3)
and the tree in the backyard had to be removed because it was infested with rodents.

Only a few pieces of the original home remain: the fireplace, the vestibule door (now on the first-floor powder room) and a stained glass transom above the front door.

“We wanted to marry the old with the new,” Kimmel says as he sits at the living room’s baby grand piano. A framed casino night ticket designed by Andy Warhol in 1968 hints at the scope of their art collection, as does a framed Pablo Picasso sketch a few feet away.

“We worked hard to create a ‘wow’ factor,” Franzoni says.

Although they lived in a cramped condo during the lengthy renovation, it was worth it, says the couple, who both practice law and are 37 years old. Kimmel is a partner at Cowie & Mott, while Franzoni is the assistant attorney general for the Maryland State Labor Relations Boards.

“We wanted a traditional foundation— that way, we could accessorize with other colors,” Franzoni says as he walks through the rowhouse’s white hallways illuminated by recessed lighting.

The home is ever-evolving in large part because the two often return from their travels with a new piece of art or decor to commemorate the adventure. The livingroom mantel showcases an iridescent purple skate that Franzoni purchased two years ago in West Hollywood.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” he says. The dining room is anchored by a large, multicolored piece composed of scraps of words and phrases from various media. The piece was purchased from a gallery during a trip to Rehoboth Beach.

“Everyone who looks at it sees something different,” Kimmel says.

The second floor could be a wing of an art gallery. Two gigantic stenographs by famed artist LeRoy Neiman decorate the walls of a hallway and office.

A flashy, and slightly mysterious, painting of the iconic ruby slipper from “The Wizard of Oz” painted by Nelson De La Nuez, a Los Angeles pop artist who is believed to have created the last piece of art purchased by the late Michael Jackson, is hung at the beginning of a long narrow hallway leading to the master bedroom.

A square, black-and-beige abstract painting by