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Curated and Colorful (2)


When Stanford Kimmel and Chris Franzoni were searching for a new home five years ago, they wanted three things: a place accessible to the interstate— Franzoni was working in Washington, D.C., at the time — lots of windows and parking.

The four-story South Baltimore rowhouse only met one of the requirements — it was close to the highway — but, as Franzoni says, its “possibilities were endless. We could pick every detail and create a brand new home that would fit our lifestyles —which is what we did.” The couple embarked upon an obstacle-ridden two-year renovation project that gutted the house to the floor joists and brick walls.

“There was a lot of cursing,” Franzoni says with a laugh, recalling the many projects, including building a stairwell to connect the basement of the home, built in 1900, to the rooftop deck. “We were basically mad every day throughout the renovation. But once we made it through, we figured we could make it through anything.”

After all the choice words and frustrations, the two have what they consider their dream home— a space that from the outside looks like the countless rowhouses that line the streets of South Baltimore — but inside it is peppered with eclectic artwork, cool decor and mementos from their travels.

It took an extreme makeover. Nearly everything from the original home was replaced, including a Murphy bed in what is now the dining room.

“It was a mess,” Kimmel says. “We had quite a project ahead of us.”

Among the challenges: They discovered that there was no foundation under the kitchen and they had to replace the rear addition; the basement was a dirt floor;