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Tiny homes, big plans (2)
What can people visiting the MidAtlantic Tiny House Expo expect to see and do?

Johnson: Our plan is to have 20-plus tiny houses there, and container houses and converted RVs. Another thing we do is bring in vendors for the do-it-yourselfer: tiny house trailer manufacturers, heating and cooling manufacturers, plumbing, electrical. All the things a DIYer would need to build their own tiny house.

Also, we bring in speakers who address everything from the lifestyle and downsizing to concerns people have with living in a tiny house, issues like zoning and dealing with the government.

What are the big issues and concerns in the industry?

Hazzard: The biggest issue is where you can park it, which is really a zoning issue. Other issues are financing (borrowing money to buy one), insurance and building codes. Those things are all interwoven. For example, there are several standards you can build them to, and if you build one to a standard, it’s easier to get a loan.

What is the tiny house market like in Maryland?

Hazzard: They are not completely legal in any county or in Baltimore City yet. In other places in the country, most notably Portland, Ore., they already had ADUs (auxiliary dwelling units, or a small guest house built on a property and owned by the property owner). They are now allowing tiny houses to be established on properties as the ADU in place of a more typical house built on a foundation. Frederick County is considering that.

[Baltimore nonprofit] Civic Works has a factory in Remington. They are building tiny houses there and teaching trades by building. It’s a fantastic jobs training program and builds interest in tiny houses. They’re at the forefront of the tiny house movement and are all about making it legal in the city.