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Wall to wall (2)
Shiplap kitchens and baths

Shiplap – grooved wooden boards traditionally used for shed or barn construction – has been enjoying a moment of popularity, thanks to the support of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars of HGTV’s popular show “Fixer Upper.” The couple is based in Texas, but shiplap is a hit in Baltimore, too, where designers see it used most frequently in kitchens and bathrooms.

“It’s the modern farmhouse style,” says Gamble. “It doesn’t work for every house, but in a bathroom, it will work in more homes. You have to pay attention to the style of the house, but in the right place, it brings that additional layer, a little more texture.”

Modern murals

Recently, Wilkins’ clients have upped the ante on customized wall designs by turning to the internet, ordering digital murals that can be applied to their walls.

Gamble has observed the desire for customization as well, with clients seeking artists to paint “clean, modern” murals in their homes. “In Baltimore, there are artists who do some amazing work with walls – custom, beautiful work,” she says. Gamble has seen local artists apply gold leaf to ceilings, lacquer walls, and create murals with texture. Though the process can take longer and be more expensive than simply painting or applying wallpaper, the result, she says, “is exquisite.”

Treating the‘fifth wall’

Gamble calls the ceiling “the fifth wall,” and recommends that instead of painting it white as a default, homeowners experiment with gloss, color or pattern. “The ceiling can be the ‘wow’ moment,” she says. “Sometimes clients will do a high gloss on the ceiling, or even a wallpapered ceiling can look great.”