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Baltimore's Most Underrated Neighborhoods (3)

Baltimore City

FACT: Mosaic art by resident Tamara Payne decorates the exterior of many Harwood homes.

PRICE RANGE: Below $100,000 to low $200,000s

The small, central Baltimore neighborhood of Harwood, located just east of Charles Village, boasts the kinds of amenities that make city neighborhoods most desirable: a community garden and nearby grocery store, proximity to the Johns Hopkins University and other major employers, and an active community association.

It’s also a place where people know how to throw a block party.

On a regular basis, the residents – old-timers and newcomers – get together for no reason but to have fun.

“The parties aren’t organized by a larger group, just people on the block going around door to door and collecting a little money,” said longtime resident Nick Sheridan. “They get a permit and let everyone know. Someone brings out a barbecue and someone else takes photos. There’s a lot of street life in Harwood. It’s a great place to be.”

The neighborhood is composed of mostly two- and threestory rowhomes, some with porches and turrets reminiscent of Charles Village’s “painted ladies.”