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Life In Color (4)
“It took a lot of creativity, including repurposing things that were already here.”

In the master bath, for example, she kept an existing claw-foot tub and turned an inexplicable hole in the wall into a laundry chute. She also kept an accent wall in the front sitting room that’s reminiscent of one of her own creations. Her new additions are a combination of splurges (new kitchen countertops) and bargains from Ikea (the kitchen cabinets). The powder room tile came from Home Depot, but Walker had it installed in a herringbone pattern that gives it a luxe look.

Walker also painstakingly hand-painted the floors. The guest bedroom features a lacy medallion pattern that is a feminine foil to the room’s salvaged lumber accent wall. In the master bathroom, Walker painted the floor fuchsia, the same vibrant pink found in the Parkway Theatre lobby. Yet the walls are intentionally neutral to create a backdrop for the art the couple has begun collecting, like the large work overlooking the kitchen by New York based Penn Eastburn. Another favorite work, the racy cowboys in the living room, Walker obtained in a trade with artist Renee Trevino for one of her original artworks.

With its concrete floors and exposed air ducts, the home has the feel of an industrial loft, so Walker added softening touches like the custom round dining table. A wood stove and firewood boxes, all built and installed by O.E. Custom, warm the space that, with its comfy red wing chairs, is Walker’s favorite place to meditate, often with Fern.

In those moments when she isn’t stressed or restless, she feels awe as she looks at her home. There’s a methadone clinic just around the corner from her house, a reminder of how far she’s come.

“My house and my life are a reflection that miracles can happen,” she says. “This house is kind of like my life – you can take something so broken and create something so amazing.”