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Homegrown (2)
plant]. They’re trendy, they’re beautiful, they’re so easy, but it hasn’t been cultivated as widely as other varieties.

The fiddle-leaf fig is really popular and you see it in so many magazines, but it’s hard to care for. We mitigate that by giving our customers as much information as possible – everyone gets a ‘care card.’

What plants would you recommend for people who struggle to keep plants alive? ‘What can I not kill?’ is the number one question I get. It really boils down to light.

There are a lot of tropicals that will thrive in bright light but survive in low light. Like the snake plant – that’s one of the classic “hard to kill” varieties. Or the aglaonema [known as Chinese evergreens].

It’s just about knowing the facts: How often does this want to be watered? What kind of light will it prefer, and what kind will it tolerate? Knowing where you’re going to put it and if it’s going to like it there – and leaving it there. The more you move a plant, the more you’re going to start shocking it.

What resources do you rely on and recommend?

Most of what I’ve learned, other than through my own trial and error, is from books from the ’70s, when nature was highly romanticized. I love reading these books because not only do they have good information, but they’re so fun to read.