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Creating A 'Forever Home' (3)

Many of the changes are small details that, while simple, helped update the home in form and function. Appleby replaced the standard-grade molding with flat molding to fit with the rustic feel and balance out the more-involved lines of the craftsman-style cabinets. The custom cabinetry includes a built-in space for dog dishes. Recessed outlets and light switches remain hidden or flush within updated spaces.


The Webbs have a list of future renovations, including adding a deck and French doors to the master bedroom. Michelle would also like to update the master bathroom’s 2004 styling. They plan to remove the large soaking tub and use the space to expand the stand-up shower to make access easier for Greg. Installing a first-floor laundry is also on the list.


The original layout of the Webbs’ home, with its divided spaces and formal dining room, is typical of homes built in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Appleby said. But modern families don’t necessarily use those formal spaces.


For some, like the Webbs, renovating involves taking down walls to help the home fit the owners’ lifestyle.


“Or maybe not,” Appleby said. “[Then we might just say] let’s rip out the kitchen and move things around.”