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Asian Inspiration (3)

Not everything here boasts Asian roots. Witness the English boxwood, Alberta spruce and conical Italian cypress, which appear in sync with all the rest.


“Not all plants must have a Japanese name attached to fit here,” Boteach says.


As kids, his three daughters embraced the garden, as do his six grandchildren. They feed the fish, play hide-and-seek around the footbridge and give names to the frogs that live among the metal ones. In the crook of one paperbark maple sits a lifelike owl, 18 inches tall. Its wide-eyed stare captivates youngsters who look back in wonder.


The quiet is contagious.


“When our daughters were in college at Maryland, they brought their friends here to study in the garden,” Boteach says.


It’s a magnet for wildlife as well. A family of yellow finches bathes in a trickling stream, and cardinals and blue jays nest in bird houses set in the trees.


“They live here; there is no rent,” Boteach says. Hidden pumps circulate water to five ponds, the biggest of which