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Mid Century Marvel (5)

filled with Nerf guns and comfy seating, including a large L-shaped couch. Their individual rooms are tailored to their tastes — Smokler’s room is the most colorful, with a hot pink wall. Ben’s room, though a random assortment of books and toys, features skateboard bedding. Evan has a dinosaur theme (Smokler admits she might have gone overboard with the decals), and Lily, a theme of grays and pinks with marbled wallpaper — a scheme Smokler originally wanted for herself.


The office, a neat space with a dark blue wall, features artwork and homages to Smokler’s past life, with a “Scary Mommy” pinboard and photos of friends and celebrities, including Queen Latifa.


A hallway, which leads to the den and bedrooms, is filled with artwork of airplanes that her father used to have in his room as a child. The den features new carpet, a leather couch and mahogany woods.


The living room, with its light hardwood floors, is Smokler’s favorite room. A gray backdrop comes alive with splashes of color from artwork and a corner bar stocked with pretty liquor bottles she picked out for aesthetics alone. A clear spherical chair hangs suspended from the ceiling. It’s reminiscent of Anthropologie, the apparel, furniture and accessories store where Smokler once worked in visual merchandising.


“I sort of looked at the different sections of the house as little vignettes like how I used to decorate things at the store,” she said. The decorating process is much different as a single woman, she noted.


“The nice thing about moving into a house that’s all you is you can just do whatever you want. There’s no spouse that you have to plead your case,” she said. “I really loved just decorating how I wanted to decorate, and I think I just gravitated toward sort of serene …but kind of artsy, fun at the same time — at least that was kind of what I wanted to do.”


And even though she’d go about an entire home renovation in a different way next time, she’s pleased with the outcome.


“The more I look— aside from my children’s terribly, messy, obnoxious rooms — there’s nowhere else in this house that I don’t love,” she said. “which is a really nice feeling.”


Baltimore at Home reporter Mike Klingaman contributed to this article